Dear Volunteer,

 Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer at St. Ursula Parish.  St.  Ursula Parish and the Archdiocese of Baltimore have a commitment to maintaining the trust of the faithful by providing our children and youth with safe environments characterized by healthy relationships.  With our longstanding commitment in mind, all parishes and archdiocesan Catholic schools used Shield the Vulnerable, a compliance management system that allowed all parishes and schools to facilitate compliance with archdiocesan child protection requirements for all volunteers who work with minors, employees, and clergy until October 31, 2017. As of November 1, 2017 the Archdiocese of Baltimore has  been using VIRTUS as a training and compliance management system. Click  here to view details. 

Please register as a PARISH/SCHOOL volunteer at
Thank you for your service to our Church and especially for your commitment to the children and youth.  Please contact Theresa Calva, our screening coordinator, at 410-665-2111 if you have any questions.

Peace of Christ,

Fr. Steve Hook


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